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Why You Need Expert Advice for Heavy Lift Packaging

Compromising on heavy lift packaging can be a costly mistake for your business, which is why you should choose Holmes Mann when it comes to sourcing bespoke timber packaging.


In the same way that we treat all of our customers as individuals, we do not believe that one size fits all when it comes to heavy lift packaging, which is why we specialise in creating timber packaging tailor-made for the products and extra-large items you need to transport or store.

At Holmes Mann, we can also offer you the expert advice you need on all aspects of shipping extra-large or unusual items, from the design of custom wood cases to shipping considerations. Just as you know that a compromise on the quality of a custom timber case, crate or pallet would be a mistake, so we have built our reputation and business on refusing to compromise when it comes to offering the best possible materials, designs and services.

We are fully equipped to handle the most demanding of specifications, whether this means creating timber heavy lift packaging for a particular project, pointing you in the right direction for the best choice of heavy-duty transit packaging or providing you with all of the related products that you might need for your shipment or to meet your storage needs, such as platforms, cradles, shelf decking and frames.

When it comes to bespoke timber crates, boxes and pallets, we are proud of the standard of wood that we always use. Our timber also meets the strict ISPM15 health requirements and comes from sustainable forests. We are certified by the UK Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme (UKWPMMP), and all of our heat-treated timber can be used for exports to a wide range of countries, including New Zealand, Australia, North America and China.

If you don’t have extra-large products to ship which require custom wooden pallets, bespoke crates and boxes or tailor-made budget cases, but are still in the market for heavy-duty transit packaging, we are also the experts to choose.

Whether you need custom wooden pallets to carry a whole stockroom of goods or a few heavy-duty cardboard boxes and pallet combos to cope with a rigorous journey, we can offer all of the experience and expertise that you need to ensure that you make the best and most cost-effective choice for your goods – and for your business.

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