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Why You Need a Bespoke Packaging Design Service

At Holmes Mann we pride ourselves on treating all of our customers as individuals, and we understand that one size will not always fit all when it comes to products. That is why we offer a bespoke packaging design service, making it easy and cost-effective for you to get exactly the packaging you want and need.


Why Consider Bespoke Packaging?

Bespoke packaging can ensure that products are perfectly protected during transit and save businesses money in the long run by preventing damage and customer dissatisfaction.

It can solve packaging problems that may initially seem insurmountable and ensue that even unusually sized or extremely fragile products can be transported with the minimum amount of risk and stress.

Packaging can not only be designed to suit the particular needs of products: it can also be created to withstand a range of different conditions, such as particularly hot or humid environments.

Another major benefit of bespoke packaging is its ability to boost the reputation of your brand, either by its particular design or by its indication that your business takes product security and customer satisfaction very seriously.

Why Choose Holmes Mann?

We have 126 years of experience in manufacturing all kinds of packaging products, including palleting systems, crates and boxes. This means we have the experience and expertise needed to create the best possible packaging solutions.

Our team is always ready to tailor its design services to meet the specific needs of your business and your products, whether you want us to start a design project from scratch or improve on existing ideas.

We work closely with you to meet your requirements exactly, starting by taking your specifications and offering our professional ideas and advice, if required.

Our team will then create drawings before moving on to manufacturing a prototype – if this is what you need – to give you the best possible idea of the packaging solution we are about to create.

Once you are happy with the results of our design service, it is time to produce your perfect packaging product. As with every other stage of the process, we can perfectly match your requirements with the service that we offer. This means that we are equally happy to create one specialist solution as we are a thousand, allowing us to offer you the personalised service and high standards that our clients deserve and expect.

To find out more about our bespoke packaging design services or to discuss particular packaging problems, get in touch with our friendly and approachable team today.

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