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Why Consider Custom Wood Cases from Holmes Mann?

From ensuring that your wooden cases, pallets or crates perfectly meet your specifications to making certain that you do not face unnecessary delays or costly problems when shipping to other countries, countless customers rely on Holmes Mann for custom wood cases. Let us explain why in a little more detail.


Bespoke Solutions

Why compromise on the potential safety of your merchandise or pay extra for unnecessary shipping when you can have the perfect pallets, crates or cases created to meet your requirements? This is an option that you could at least consider, especially if you are finding it difficult to find off-the-shelf solutions to meet your needs.

Regardless of how demanding your specifications, a bespoke service can ensure that you find the most efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions possible. Yes, this type of service is likely to cost more in the first instance, but the results will normally pay dividends in terms of packaging performance and customer satisfaction.

Quality Products and Services

Holmes Mann is a popular choice for wooden packaging items as a result of the standard of service on offer and the quality of materials used in the creation of our wooden cases, pallets and crates.

The quality timber we use should ensure that you get the performance you require and your customers, clients or colleagues are never disappointed by the shipments they receive.

Export with Ease

All of our timber stock is heat-treated and meets the strict plant health standards of ISPM15. We are certified by the UK Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme UKWPMMP, and you can be confident that any timber products sourced from us can safely be exported to the likes of North America, China, New Zealand, and Australia, along with many other countries around the world.

ISPM15 Explained

ISPM stands for International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures. It was developed by the IPPC, or International Plant Protection Convention, as a means of dictating that wooden materials thicker than 6mm which are used in international shipments should be treated in order to prevent the spread of insects and diseases that could affect country’s eco-systems and plants.

ISPM 15 applies to all types of wood packaging materials, including crates, cases and pallets, and requires that they are heat-treated and stamped to show that they are compliant – as the timber from Holmes Mann is. They can also be methyl-bromide-fumigated. The compliance stamp is often called the ‘wheat stamp’.

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