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Why Choose Budget and Bespoke Wooden Crates?

Budget cases and bespoke wooden crates are vastly versatile packaging options which can protect a huge variety of different products at a budget-friendly price. The benefits are endless, but here is a look at just some of their major plus points.

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Whether you choose budget cases or wooden crates, or bespoke versions, this type of storage or shipping solution is a cost-effective option for UK businesses. Whilst of a high quality, the materials used to make the crates are more natural and simpler than many other options, meaning less processing costs and better prices for you.

Using simple wooden crates can also be an excellent choice for huge shipments, as less investment is needed in manufacturing, making it an efficient option when many crates are required. Even bespoke wooden crates can be manufactured for a reasonable price, meaning that they can be perfect when both product protection and budget limitations are a concern.

Sturdy and Secure

Both budget and bespoke wooden crates can be used to ensure high levels of safety and security in transit and whilst being stored. As well as protecting the products they hold while moving around by offering an effective buffer and barrier, wood crates can be extremely effective in preventing unauthorised people from accessing them and taking or tampering with the goods within. They will also protect products from debris, dirt and moisture, which could affect their performance or appearance.

Stackable Design

Wooden crates are excellent for stacking thanks to their thick walls and ability to withstand the weight of other crates. If stacked properly, when the weight is distributed evenly, they can withstand huge amounts of vertical pressure, making them efficient for both shipping and storage. This can minimise the amount of floor space required in your warehouse or prevent excessive shipping costs having to be paid.

Bespoke Designs

Using bespoke budget cases and wooden crates from Holmes Mann has a multitude of benefits, including the total matching of packaging with the individual requirements of a particular shipment. There is also the opportunity to invest in smart designs, allowing for easy packing and unpacking and the boosting of workplace efficiency, or the use of decorative designs to spread awareness of your brand.


Wooden crates and budget cases can be a great choice if long-term use is on the cards. You could also invest in collapsible crates, which can be returned and stored easily, minimising the space required and reducing transportation expenses.

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