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When Should You Add Automation to Support End-of-Line Operations?

There can come a time for any successful business when production demands start to exceed facility and manpower capabilities. If this is the case for your company, it may be time to consider automation.


Perhaps seasonal surges are becoming harder to cope with, or you are increasingly aware that valuable manpower is being ‘wasted’ on keeping the necessary supply of erected cardboard boxes to hand, not to mention the time spent on sealing and stretch-wrapping? If this sounds familiar, it could be time to browse the Holmes Mann range of SIAT packaging machinery.

The SIAT range includes carton sealers, pallet wrappers and carton erectors – all of which can prevent production coming to a screeching halt as a result of a hitch in end-of-line operations. But how do you know if it is time to invest?

Of course, the experts at Holmes Mann are fully aware of the multitude of benefits associated with investing in SIAT carton erectors, pallet wrappers and carton sealers, but we also understand that opting for automation can be a big decision for many business owners. So how do you know if it is time to add automated packaging equipment to your company’s end-of-line operation? The answer to this can be quite simple and is often glaringly apparent in the workplace on a daily basis.

Are you suffering from insufficient line capacity, for example? Are you, in other words, finding that your packaging line is not equipped to keep up with your company’s production needs? Maybe you are continually missing shipping targets. Even if you are not already experiencing the negative impact of this on your business, are you aware that consistent complaints are more than an occasional occurrence and are likely to have a long-term effect?

Other indicators that it may be time to adopt automation are that your workforce are manually sealing and erecting more than 600 cardboard boxes per shift or you feel you are facing unnecessarily high operating expenses.

Perhaps you also have insufficient labour to achieve your end-of-line packaging needs and do not have the desire or funds to employ more workers, or maybe you are continually receiving complaints or having to deal with the financial and reputation-breaking fall-out of packaging inconsistencies and product damage?

Other reasons which could prompt you to consider automating, at least part of your end-of-line packing operations, and investing in SIAT packaging machinery such as box sealers, erectors and pallet wrappers include, a need to minimise packaging material waste and a desire to make the most of the floor space you have available.

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