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What Are the Best Ways to Handle and Store Cardboard Boxes?

Holmes Mann are the experts when it comes to designing and manufacturing bespoke made-to-measure cardboard boxes, from the smaller die-cut cartons all the way up to large heavy-duty boxes.


Cardboard boxes are an incredibly versatile product and ideal for a range of purposes. Whether you need to send goods to customers and clients, transport produce from one location to another or simply store a variety of items, cardboard boxes can be the solution to any number of shipping and storage needs.

Handling Your Cardboard Boxes

In order to prolong the life of the boxes you have purchased and reduce the risk of you or one of your employees suffering an injury, it’s important you know how best to handle your cardboard boxes. There’s always a temptation to add just one more item to that bit of empty space at the top of the box, but overfilling your boxes can render them difficult or impossible to lift and potentially make them dangerous.

Every year countless people are injured when trying to move or lift boxes which are simply too heavy to handle, usually suffering pulled muscles or damaging their backs or knees. No matter how sturdy your cardboard box might be, and no matter how tempting it is to fill all the space inside, always be aware of how much weight you’re setting yourself up to lift. Assess the weight of each item you’re adding to the contents and stop short of what seems generous.

Storing Your Cardboard Boxes

Boxes all packed, you might need to keep them in storage for either the short or long term. Always make sure you label your boxes – it sounds like common sense, but forget to do so, then stack a handful of them together, and you may have to spend a very long time locating the one you need.

Always store your boxes somewhere where there’s no danger of moisture getting to them – however thick the card they’re made from, any dampness will eventually weaken them and may damage the contents.

Remember when stacking your boxes to do so methodically. Again, it sounds like common sense, but stack them according to size and weight, with the bulkiest at the bottom and lightest at the top, even if you’re only storing them for a short period of time. Storing your cardboard boxes sensibly will ensure they last longer and reach your customers looking tidy and professional.

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