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Top Tape Types

Do you know your Scotch from your gaffer, or your duct from your masking? This handy Holmes Mann guide will ensure that you never end up in a sticky situation after ordering the wrong tape for a job.


Packing Tape

Tape for packaging is one of many types of pressure-sensitive tape and can be used for a wide variety of jobs. It is usually used for sealing packages for shipping and to seal boxes. Acrylic tape is a popular variety, offering sealing power for up to three years.

Transparent Tape

Commonly known as Scotch tape or Sellotape, this is the world’s most-used tape. Whether you want to repair torn paper, seal envelopes or make a collage with children, this is the tape to choose.

Gaffer Tape

This is a heavy-duty tape made from plastic or fabric and is popular because of its high adhesion and the fact that it does not leave behind a sticky residue or marks. It is commonly used within the entertainment industry, where it often holds down cords and cables.

Duct Tape

This tape has strong sticking power. Even though it has a strong fabric backing coated with plastic, it can still be torn by hand. It is a versatile product which is popular when strength of adhesion is important. Strangely, it is also used as a cure for veruccas and warts.

Masking Tape

This will not leave behind sticky marks and is most often used to ‘mask’ areas that should not be painted during decorating work.

Printed Tape

This is popular for sealing cartons and conveying a message at the same time. The tape can be custom-printed with company names, logos and email addresses or more general words such as ‘fragile’ or ‘this way up’. A popular tape for packaging, it allows business owners and customers to see that packages have not been tampered with whilst also being able to instantly identify a product’s origin.

Electrical Tape

Usually made from vinyl, this type of tape is used to wrap electrical wiring and is specially designed to stick to irregular items and stretch to fit.

Filament Tape

If you need a really strong and durable tape, then filament is a good choice. This is because it has embedded fibreglass strands to increase its integrity and strength.

Spike Tape

This is a thinner, gaffer-style tape used within the world of entertainment to mark out where equipment or people should stand.

Hot-Melt Tape

This is a type of strapping used when boxes need to stay securely sealed. It is especially good for sealing shipping items, as even rough handling should not break the seal.

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