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Top Packaging Trends for 2016

‘Digital’ and ‘green’ will be key words when it comes to packaging during 2016, according to market research from Mintel. The research provider unveiled six key trends that are set to play a big part in the packaging sector this year, impacting on both brands and their customers. Trends that we at Holmes Mann are keeping a keen eye on.


Digital Package Printing

More and more companies and brands look set to tap into the potential of digital package printing, using it for more than personalisations and limited editions. It is likely to be used more and more for decorating mainstream packaging in a bid to engage consumers on multiple levels and stave off the impact of an ever-more competitive marketplace.

Reduction of On-Pack Clutter

Whilst competition demands that brands offer consumers the product information they want, this cannot come at the price of clear communication and clean labelling.

Consumers do not want to be confused by on-pack clutter during 2016, despite increasingly demanding plenty of information about products that they are considering purchasing.

The key to successful packaging this year, therefore, may well come in the uncovering of a strategy to deliver adequate information in the clearest and most unobtrusive way possible.

A Flexible Future

Flexible packaging, and in particular pouches, will move beyond being considered a trade-off this year as brands come up with hybrids that provide the environmental kudos and functionality of flexible packaging without compromising on shelf presence.

Marketing the Green

It is now a fact of life that consumers who cannot differentiate between brands in terms of price or performance will often seek out those with the better green credentials. Environmental awareness and a commitment to preserving the planet have become a vital differentiator for brands. This is why the green factor must play a key role in marketing strategies and brand positioning this year, from the smallest companies to the market-leading multi-nationals.

Size Does Matter

Consumers want increased choice in pack sizes, and brands must focus on providing this during 2016 if they want to minimise the impact of a general reduction in brand loyalty.

Greater choice means consumers are likely to flit between brands unless companies can offer enough choice to allow them to find exactly the right size of package they want, and for the occasion they have in mind.

Tapping Into Mobile Enthusiasm

The mobile environment is increasingly the front line for brands in the battle to win over consumers. Innovation will be key this year as companies fight for shopper engagement.

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