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Top Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

As a major point of contact between your business and your customers, your packaging should impress and maybe even excite. It should never irritate or annoy. To ensure that this is always the case, take heed of these common packaging mistakes.


Hard to Open

Customers who are excitedly waiting for a new purchase won’t be impressed if their gratification has to be delayed because they simply can’t get into the package they have received. Of course, security has to be a consideration, but a balance should be reached where customers don’t need industrial tools to get inside their parcel.


Both domestic households and businesses in Britain are under increasing pressure to recycle more and reduce the amount of waste they produce, meaning that they are unlikely to be impressed if you bombard them with an unnecessary amount of packaging that they must then dispose of.

A sensible amount of packaging, meanwhile, will ensure that your budget is being well spent whilst keeping your products safe, the planet protected and your customers happy.

You may also want to consider the environmental impact of the packaging you use and the future it is likely to have once it reaches its shipping destination. This may influence your choice of materials or prompt you to offer customers recycling suggestions or information to boost your green credentials and ensure the responsible disposal or reuse of the packaging that you use.

Under-Sized Product Contents

Your customer may be excited when they receive a box the size of a shed, but this excitement is likely to change to irritation if they open it and find a tiny product within. Consumers can feel misled by under-sized product contents – think of bags of crisps filled with more air than food – even if the space left does serve a packaging purpose.

Solutions could include clear packaging to display the contents and avoid ‘misleading’ complaints, explaining the reasoning to customers or using smaller packaging options that will still offer adequate protection during transit.

Flimsy Packaging

There is nothing more likely to annoy your customers than inadequate packaging. Not only can this result in damage to the goods within or the parcel not arriving at its specified destination, but it can also give the impression, true or not, that your company is one that will cut corners if it means saving on time or effort. Remember that quality packaging will not just protect your products: it can also protect your business’s reputation as well.

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