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Top Four Siat Case Sealers

Siat is renowned for its business-centric approach to packaging machinery, meaning that it is simple for you and your company to find the ideal case sealer, carton erector or pallet wrapper to perfectly meet your needs.


At Holmes Mann, we also strive to offer you the ideal selection of packaging machinery to ensure that we can supply you with exactly the right product. In the case of Siat carton sealers, our current top four choices offer exactly the right amount of variety, ensuring that it should be simple for you to find the right sealing solution for your specific operation. So what are the choices?

The Siat UK S8 Carton Sealer

The Siat UK S8 case sealer is a multi-option piece of packaging machinery. Its taping heads can utilise both 75mm and 50mm tape, and there is an option of either single power or three-phase operation.

The Siat UK SR4 Carton Sealer

The SR4 is the ideal choice if you are looking for a semi-automatic Siat case sealer and need your choice of packaging machinery to be able to cope with the random-sized cartons your operation handles. The SR4 can adjust itself automatically to meet the carton sealing requirements of boxes of a range of dimensions.

There is also a SR46 on offer that is effectively an Siat SR4 which can cope with bigger boxes and thicker tape.

The Siat UK SK2 Carton Sealer

The Siat SK2 case sealer is another semi-automatic choice. It is adjusted manually and has K11 taping equipment. The taping heads can make use of tape up to 50mm in width, and there is an S26 carton sealer available if you need your Siat machinery to deal with wider tape and larger cases.

The Siat UK SM11 Carton Sealer

The Siat SM11 machine, meanwhile, is the premium choice of carton sealer if your company handles many boxes. This is the prime option for longer runs and when you want a Siat case sealer to deal with large quantities of same-size cardboard boxes.

There are also the SM11/4-S and the SM11-S. The latter boasts a two-side driving system. This ensures that it can deal with the closing and the sealing of cartons and has the option of using either 75mm or 50mm tape widths.

This guide is designed to give you an idea of the choices on offer when it comes to Siat carton sealers. If you want further information or advice, our expert team members are always on hand to help. Simply get in touch with Holmes Mann today.

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