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Three Reasons Why You Need a Siat UK Carton Sealer from Holmes Mann

If you have arrived at our site during a search for the right carton sealer for your business, then allow us to introduce you to our range of Siat UK carton sealers and some of the major benefits that they – and we – can bring to your workplace.


Easy to Use

Siat carton sealers are renowned for being incredibly easy to operate and really simple to adjust. Forget about wasting excessive amounts of time on training and re-training: within just a few minutes, every one of your operators can get to grips with how to achieve efficient case sealing every time.

Made for Your Business

Our selection of Siat case sealers ensures that it is simple to find exactly the right piece of packaging machinery for your company. There are entry-level simple Siat carton sealers which are perfect for taping both long and short runs of the same-sized cases, the sort of automatically adjusted sealer which would be ideal if your business needs automatically adjusting machinery to tape a variety of different-sized boxes, and completely automatic in-line case sealers.

The current Holmes Mann range of Siat case sealers UK includes the manually adjustable Siat S8, the semi-automatic Siat SR4, which is perfect for random-sized cases, the hugely popular closing and sealing Siat SK2 and the automatic Siat SM11.

Expert Assistance

Siat is one of the most respected producers of packaging machinery in the world, and we are the only one – of just two distributors of their products in the UK – to be named as a Diamond Plus distributor. This industry-standard accreditation from Siat demonstrates our commitment to quality and reliability.

Not only do we offer a comprehensive range of Siat carton and case sealers, Siat pallet stretch wrappers and Siat case erectors and carton formers, but we also provide an equally complete service for our customers. We have fully qualified Siat sales experts and technicians, ensuring that we can offer a call-out service as well as a comprehensive after-sales service. We can also provide you with a huge array of parts for your Siat packaging machinery and all of the help and expertise you could need to make the most of your investment.

We believe that good maintenance is key to keeping your machinery in prime condition, which is why our engineers are on hand to service your Siat case sealers or give your equipment its own ‘health check’ while fitting any spare parts which may be required.

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