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The Importance of Packaging in Logistics

You may have spent many hours considering the importance of your packaging in terms of marketing value, but its vital function in logistics should not be ignored.

This is why so many companies choose to employ the services of packaging consultants. Packaging is about so much more than simply persuading a would-be customer to choose your product and should go further than simply keeping items safe.

Here is a look at just one key aspect of the function of packaging in logistics and some reasons why it might be a good investment to employ the services of experienced packaging consultants.

A Financial Incentive

High-quality packaging will ensure that logistic processes can be performed, and at the lowest possible cost. It will enable effective storage, warehousing and order processing, as well as offering information about contents within and handling instructions. It is for these reasons that packaging should be considered as an integral part of the overall logistics process. It can lower costs and increase the quality of the service delivered.

A Myriad of Purposes

In order to achieve this aim, there are several factors that should be considered when it comes to creating packing for your products, including sales and marketing messages, protective function, warehousing requirements and handling issues.

You need packaging that can be accommodated within your storage facilities and can be dealt with by your warehouse equipment. You may also want to consider practicalities such as the storage of packaging supplies. Collapsible boxes, for example, can be ideal solution if space is an issue.

Your packaging’s size and form should facilitate the use of the minimum amount of space and weigh as little as possible for transportation, whilst still offering the potential for style statements and ensuring the security of the items within.

Good packaging design will take into account the fact that your parcels will be handled by third parties with no vested interest in your items. It will be beneficial to use packaging that can be handled by conventional equipment, and even simple details such as grip holes can make handling simpler and help to minimise the risk of damage.

There is also the information function of premium packaging to think about — details such as the use of internationally recognised safety and handling instructions and the inclusion of RFID tags or barcodes to facilitate automated procedures.

There are many things to think about when creating quality packaging to fulfil all of these functions and more, but each one is essential if you want to make the most of every benefit that high-quality packaging can offer to your business.

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