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The Holmes Mann Guide to Protective Packing

You’ve got your cardboard boxes and packing materials ready, but what do you do with them to ensure that your business items get to their final destination in one piece? Follow Holmes Mann’s simple guide to ensure that the contents of your shop, office or restaurant perform just as well in their new home as they always did before.

The Holmes Mann Guide to Protective Packing

Electrical Equipment

Where possible, pack items in their original packaging. If you do not have this, pad cardboard boxes with bubble wrap and scrunched-up wrapping paper or for larger items, check out our bespoke packaging service for specialist crates, which should be wrapped in bubble wrap or surrounded by void-fill materials.

Kitchen Items

Packing up kitchen items can be a hard job, largely because of their fragile nature, but there are ways to ensure your staff room or restaurant is still fully stocked once you reach your destination. Always wrap knives separately and use the space in pots and pans to store other items before stacking them in strong boxes with their lids on upside down and packing paper in between. If you have glasses with stems, place extra wrapping around the bottoms to make the glasses the same width all the way up.

Wrap plates and dishes individually, and stack bowls on top of each other with bubble wrap in between. Use wrapping paper rather than newspaper to prevent print stains. Pack plates so they sit vertically in the box rather than flat, as they are stronger this way.

Furniture and Accessories

Use armchair and sofa bags for suitable furniture and wrap particularly important items in air-cushioning materials. Use furniture blankets to protect items from dust and dirt and to prevent them from being scratched.

If you plan to flat-pack any furniture, ensure that you put all of the screws and bolts in a sealed bag and stick it to the furniture with non-damaging tape. If not, secure drawers and wrap furniture legs in air-cushioning material or bubble wrap.

Use large boxes to pack plants to keep their foliage safe and put masking tape in the shape of an ‘X’ on glass-framed pictures and mirrors. Consider using specially made picture boxes for valuable or larger items. Write ‘fragile’ on the boxes.


Organisation is the key to moving paperwork successfully. Seal the drawers of filing cabinets and move them as a whole, and do not be tempted to simply empty out desk drawers into a cardboard box. Ask all workers to pack any items specific to their role to ensure that they can get back to work as soon as possible after the move.

Everything Under Wraps

The world of packaging can be a daunting place, as with fragility comes uncertainty, which is why we specialise in packaging for even the most unusual of objects. Give us a call and ensure your items make it one piece with packaging from Holmes Mann.

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