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The Future for SIAT Pallet Stretch Wrappers

The Holmes Mann team are fully aware of how popular the SIAT F1 pallet stretch wrappers have been since they were launched – and how popular they continue to be. The SIAT UK F1 pallet stretch wrapping range is renowned for boasting enviable technical features which combine to allow for the easiest and most efficient pallet-wrapping process at the best possible price.


Over more than a decade since the SIAT F1 was launched, our experts have seen countless operations benefit from wrapping machines which save money by maximising productivity and minimising waste, as well as enjoying all of the benefits of a significant increase in load security and the stability of the contents of pallets.

The SIAT F1’s features include a reclining column which is hinged to its base, as well as a film carriage which comes with a choice of different brake units. It boasts a very respectable 2,000kg maximum load and turntable diameters of 1,500mm, 1,650mm and 1,800mm.

Other benefits are offered by its photocell, which allows for the detection of a pallet’s height. Is assembled base is moveable, and it has a control panel to operate its two wrapping programmes. When you choose Holmes Mann, we also offer a trial rental option on the SIAT F1 to allow companies to try before they buy.

There is no doubt that the SIAT F1 will continue to be a popular choice for the foreseeable future, but the makers of the machine have revealed that the F1 will eventually be replaced in business operations by a new semi-automatic, end-of-line wrapping machine. The F1 has achieved more than ten years of honourable service, however, and will continue to boost productivity for decades for many businesses thanks to its robust construction and superior reliability.

For the foreseeable future, company bosses will continue to see the F1 as the most cost-effective product for their businesses, but one day some will choose to move on to the new OneWrap machine. The new model features a new control panel which is a consolidation of all of the different features and functions currently offered by four control panels. It also includes the features of the SIAT SW1 in a bid to boost its flexibility even further.

The model aims to offer businesses a tailor-made pallet-wrapping machine which can accommodate every customer’s needs thanks to the varied settings available. The machine is also sure to offer the robustness, reliability and handling which customers have come to expect from the SIAT company.

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