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The Changing Role of Packaging

The era before internet shopping was perhaps simpler for those considering the packaging of their products. The main aim was to attract and entice prospective customers and ensure that your goods made it off the shelves and to their destinations safely.

The internet has changed all that and now around 13 per cent of all purchases are made online and the sale of groceries via the web is likely to have doubled in many markets by 2016.

The Changing Role of Packaging

This means that the role packaging plays has significantly and permanently changed. If yours hasn’t, then perhaps it should. There is increasing talk within the packaging industry about whether dual packaging is needed for those businesses operating in both the physical and virtual worlds. Is it now time for these companies to start investing in specialist packaging solutions, both in terms of the practical requirements and the branding and messages being relayed to customers?

In practical terms, more focus needs to be placed on the safety and security of items which will be mailed to customers. Companies should now consider this as important as their designs and branding, as a good logo will mean little if it is accompanied by broken goods. This shift in focus does not have to cost a fortune, either. Technology such as the table-top Intimus PacMate can convert unwanted cardboard into sturdy and free packaging material whilst also reducing waste-disposal costs. This can ensure you can improve the safety of your products and build the reputation of your company — something which is more and more important in a world where you can rely less and less on impulse buys in bricks-and-mortar shops.

The design of cartons must also be considered as their roles change. A carrying handle, for example, may have been seen as an essential in the past to allow customers to get their purchases back home. Is this sort of highly engineered and expensive addition really necessary for goods purchased online, when the longest journey is likely to be from the front door to the kitchen or living room?

Then there are your on-pack messages to consider. Online shopping depends on your web content to do the selling, so on-pack ‘buy me’ messages may no longer be relevant. By the time your customer receives your goods, the sales conversion will have long since passed, meaning that selling prompts may just waste space that could be better filled with post-purchase information or branding messages.

To learn more about the importance or process of smart packing and making the most out of your printed packaging real estate, head over to the Holmes Mann website, or call the packaging professionals.

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