The Benefits of Choosing Polypropylene Strapping

Many businesses choose to use polypropylene strapping because of its affordability and versatility. It can be used with a dispenser for hand-packaging or with machinery to deal with volumes of packaging.

It is ideal for bundling items or for securing goods on pallets and strengthening the load. It is also perfect for securing parcels or larger loads that will be stored for long periods. This is because polypropylene strapping is hard-wearing and durable, meaning that it can withstand numerous knocks, bumps and scratches.


This is also important for goods in transit, when it is important that straps do not break. If this happens, the contents of pallets can topple and parcelled items can break, causing a loss of money and potentially a drop in customer satisfaction levels.

Polypropylene strapping is also non-corrosive to ensure that it will not erode over time and is gentle and flexible enough that it will not damage the very items it is meant to protect.

Many strapping rolls provide a flexible solution for a range of packages, parcels and pallets. The strapping can mould around particular shapes to ensure effective protection and ease of use whilst minimizing waste and the time spent on securing goods properly.

The range of strapping rolls and strapping methods available makes it an effective packaging method for businesses of all sizes, whether they need to secure one small parcel a week or many hundreds every day.

Hand-strapping is an extremely mobile method, meaning that it is possible to secure items without having to move them around a warehouse or storage facility. This can be particularly helpful when dealing with heavy items that will be stored for a while.

In contrast, machine-strapping is hugely economic and effective. It can allow for the lowering of staffing levels for the packaging part of an operation, improving efficiency and preventing the waste of both time and materials. The machinery will pay for itself in a very short amount of time and strapping rolls are extremely affordable.

Many businesses also take advantage of the availability of strapping roll in a variety of different colours. Choosing one colour can add to the branding of a particular company and make recognising parcels quicker and easier. Different colours can help to identify particular categories of goods, making the creation of shipments less time-consuming. This will also reduce the risk of mistakes occurring.

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