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The Benefits of Bespoke Packaging

The advantages to using tailor-made packaging are almost as endless as the variations on packaging options themselves, not least its ability to save you money, keep products safe, improve brand awareness and ensure the reputation of your goods and services is maintained.

Bespoke packaging means perfect packaging. Small items will not be left rattling around in too-large containers, and you will not have to pay for excessive internal padding. Oddly shaped items will never be a problem, and there will be far less chance of damage if products are not squashed into unsuitable spaces.

The Benefits of Bespoke Packaging

Using packaging specifically tailored to your needs can also reduce transit costs, as your parcels will never be much larger than the space your goods actually need. This means you will not be filling containers or lorries with inch upon inch of packing materials and air.

Packaging bespoke services will also enable you to capitalise on seasonal trends and events with limited-edition packaging. This doesn’t have to be expensive, as a simple colour change will do, but it can capitalise on the feel-good factor of summer or Christmas.

Such high-quality, well-thought-out packaging will also ensure customers feel they have made a good decision in choosing your products — something that is especially important if they are buying Christmas gifts or summer holiday goods.

Postal packaging can also be a great marketing tool in its own right. Customers appreciate being able to identify packages even before they are opened, and a well-positioned logo will catch countless eyes. This kind of packaging can provide plenty of space for brand messages and links to social media activity, and limited-edition packaging allows for time-sensitive information to be shared. It will promote increased interaction between your company and your customers. The inclusion of a special QR code can even provide a direct link to your online presence and allow for easier sorting of packages.

Other benefits of tailor-made packaging include being able to ensure your parcels are created to withstand almost any mode of travel or environment. If you want to ensure your goods are protected from the elements during a harsh British winter or will be safe on commercial shipping lines, bespoke packaging can be the perfect choice.

It can also allow you to tailor your service to improve the customer experience and make sure that products are returned safely. This can include adding a re-sealable option or simply ensuring that your packaging can withstand more than one use.

Fancy knowing more about how bespoke packaging can improve your company’s image? Call the packaging professionals for a chat.

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