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Ten Things You Never Knew about Corrugated Board and Paper

Corrugated paper is seen by many as simply the perfect packing material for keeping delicate items safe. There is much more to corrugated fibreboard or pleated paper, however, not least a fascinating history and great potential for the future. At Holmes Mann, we’re firm endorsers of corrugated stuff, so here are ten fascinating facts you didn’t realise you wanted to know about corrugated paper — until now.

Ten Things You Never Knew about Corrugated Board and Paper

  1. Corrugated fibreboard is made using corrugators or flute lamination machines and is commonly used as a packaging material and in the creation of boxes and shipping containers.
  2. Pleated paper was first patented in 1856 in England and was originally used to form a liner in tall hats.
  3. Corrugated boxboard was patented in December 1871 and was used to wrap glass lantern chimneys and bottles for shipping. This patent for single-face board was issued to Albert Jones from New York.
  4. G. Smyth built the first machine which could produce large amounts of the material in 1874. Later that year, Oliver Long improved the machine’s design and invented corrugated paper which had liner sheets on the top and bottom.
  5. Boxes made from corrugated fibreboard were first used to package pottery and glass. They were regularly used by the 1890s, showing that it initially took a while for an idea so commonplace today to catch on. It was in the middle of the 1950s that their potential for transporting fruit without it being bruised was realised. This opened up export markets for fruit and fresh produce manufacturers.
  6. Corrugated board or paper is excellent for recycling and can be pulped to make paper and other products. This means that an investment in the material can be ideal for goods in transit, current businesses and the future of the planet.
  7. There are corrugated fibreboard shredders available which are capable of recycling used board into further cushioning and packing materials.
  8. Recycled corrugated materials can be vital to help countries which do not have sustainable wood resources to build local packaging and paper industries, creating materials and essential jobs.
  9. Half a pound of paper is enough to create a box which can carry two shoes but can also withstand a load of 1,000 pounds — around a third of the weight of a killer whale.
  10. Corrugated machine-made paper is made in such a way that it is actually more difficult to bend corrugated boards along their flutes than across them. Don’t believe it? Just try!
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