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Ten Interesting Facts About Bubble Wrap

Everyone knows what bubble wrap is and how useful it is when you have fragile goods that need protecting in transit or for storage. There are plenty of facts about this popping paper, however, that you probably did not know — until now.


  1. It was originally designed in 1957 as a form of 3D wallpaper by Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding. It did not catch on as a wall covering, but the inventors soon realised its wrapping potential. 
  2. The final Monday in January is known as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. This began in America after an Indiana radio station, based in Bloomington, had a delivery of microphones. These were all wrapped in bubble paper and the sound of it popping was unintentionally broadcast. This sparked a wave of wrap appreciation, which led to a special day being allocated to it each year. 
  3. The Bandai toy company created Mugen Puchipuchi, a toy based around popping bubble wrap. A version was also created for the Nintendo Wii, and there are virtual popping games all over the internet. 
  4. The name Bubble Wrap is actually a generic trademark, which is owned by the Sealed Air Corporation. This is the company that Aldred Fielding co-founded in 1960. The term is now widely used to refer to a range of similar products, including bubble packing, bubble pack, air bubble packing, Aeroplast, bubble wrapping and bubble paper. 
  5. It is usually made from LDPE or polyethylene film, and features a flat side bonded with a shaped side to create the trademark bubbles. The bubbles are normally a centimetre in diameter but can be as little as 6mm and as big as 26mm. The size of the bubbles determines how much shock absorption it provides. 
  6. In the UK bubble wrap can be used to wrap sensitive electronic components and parts. This has anti-static qualities to protect electronic chips and other items from a potentially damaging static charge. 
  7. In 1997, the Italian Torninova Corporation created a form of bubble wrap with heart-shaped bubbles. 
  8. 366 people popping bubble wrap at the same time created a new world record. 
  9. It is often used as a means of insulation, on everything from windows to dog kennels, and suits made out of the material are also popular fancy-dress outfits. 
  10. Every year, there is enough bubble wrap created to go around the planet a massive ten times. 
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