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Ten Family-Friendly Ideas for Leftover Cardboard

If you have any cardboard boxes left over from your latest Holmes Mann order, or you’re sick of storing the mountain you receive each day from your shopping on line addiction, here are ten things you can create with your kids – or even on your own if you like. Who knew that cardboard boxes could be this much fun?


1. A Doll’s House

The small scale means that this isn’t likely to use up that many leftover boxes, but there’s plenty of scope for creativity. Every doll’s house needs a complete nest of tables.

2. A Play House

Take your work home and use your leftover business boxes to create a playhouse for the kids. Let them take their toys inside and you might even get five minutes to enjoy ten minutes of TV when it’s done.

3. A Castle

They say an English man’s home is his castle. Think of the shapes and it’s not hard to see that this shouldn’t be that difficult at all. If you can run a business and build an empire, you can certainly build a cardboard castle!

4. A Car or a Train

Fuel the fire of your little one’s imagination by inviting Thomas the Tank (and maybe even his friends) to live in your own home. If the train engine’s too big then go for the racing car; Lewis Hamilton, eat your heart out.

5. A Chandelier

This one requires a bit more finesse than a lumbering tank engine, but your little princess would love a cardboard chandelier to go around her bedroom light (thinking about fire safety, of course).

6. A Complete Bedroom Set

If the chandelier has got you motivated, get set and create a whole new bedroom design. Why stop at the lighting when you can use those leftover boxes to create a magical headboard, a creative bedside table and even a picture to hang on the wall? If your imagination fails, just ask your little one – they’ve probably got plenty to spare.

7. Target Golf

You might be committed to engaging your youngster in an inventive project, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the rewards as well. Cut some different -sized holes in one of the old boxes and let the golf practice begin.

8. Shelves

Fed up of telling your kids to pick up all their books and papers from their bedroom floor? Make sure they have somewhere to put everything with some new cardboard shelving units. Ensure they’re floor standing though, drilling holes in walls is too much like hard work.

9. Cat Bed Cave

Spend a little time creating a haven for your cat, and you might just get to eat your Friday night fish supper in peace.

10. A Shop

You know full well that your kids find it easy to spend your cash. Try giving them their shopping fix without it costing you a penny by helping them to make their own cardboard store.

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