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Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Invest in a New Siat Stretch Wrapper

In a fast-paced business environment it is important to constantly assess whether your packaging machinery is fit for purpose and recognise these tell-tale indicators that tell you it could be time to invest in new Siat stretch wrapping machinery.


Frequent Load Failures

If you’re experiencing product damage and load failures more often than you want to, it is time to consider whether you can make changes to your processes, materials or machinery or if it is time to upgrade to a new Siat pallet stretch wrapper UK.

Increased Production Output

If you’re finding it hard to maintain production output and your packaging is the root cause of a bottleneck in the process, it may be time to look at the features of your machinery. Modern Siat stretch wrappers have productivity-boosting features which could increase your throughput significantly. Remember that the more automation the machinery has, the less demand there will be on the time of your staff.

Film Costs Are Growing

If your film costs are rising, it could be a sign that you need to optimise your processes or that you could benefit from an increase in pre-stretch. A good film delivery system with motorised pre-stretch, such as the Siat F1 pallet stretch wrapper UK, can help you reduce film costs by a minimum of 50 per cent in comparison to hand-wrapping or using old machinery.

Increased Maintenance Costs

Just as with a car, maintenance costs can rise as your machinery gets older. This means that it could be more cost-effective to invest in new Siat machinery from Holmes Mann rather than keep paying out for repairs and maintenance on old kit.

You should also take into account the potential costs of breakdowns, both to your budget and your business’s reputation. It can be tempting to put off investing in new Siat packaging machinery, especially if budgets are tight, but delays can often cost more in the long run.

The bottom line is that new Siat pallet wrappers and other machinery from the UK Siat range, such as case erectors and carton sealers, can increase production throughput and reduce labour, maintenance and material costs. This makes them a good investment in the success of your business.

To find out more about how a new Siat stretch pallet wrapper could enhance your packaging processes, get in touch with a member of the expert Holmes Mann team today.

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