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Shredding Choices

The only downside of investing in a packaging material shredder such as the Intimus PacMaster VS is that the whole process can be bizarrely therapeutic and strangely addictive. Seeing those piles of unwanted cardboard boxes being transformed into worthwhile stuffing mats can almost be as good for the soul as it is for the bank balance.

If you do find that you just cannot bear to see your Intimus PacMaster VS without a full shredding load but have run out of packaging projects to fulfil, which is quite possible given this machine’s speedy delivery, here are a few ideas of what to do with the excess.


Help Your Neighbours

Consider donating some of your packaging mats to your local pet rescue service, wildlife centre or zoo. They can make great animal bedding, and it will not hurt your business if you get the local press along to record your charitable donation. Horses, in particular, enjoy a shredded cardboard bed, so try your local stables as well. They may even offer to pay you for the materials, creating a little added income and fulfilling your shredding urge.

Alternatively, you could offer some of your packaging materials to local charities that ship goods overseas. At Christmas, there are shoebox appeals going on around the country, attempting to improve the season for disadvantaged children abroad. Could they use a way of ensuring all of the goods make it across the globe in one piece? It is certainly worth making that call.

Get Gardening

Use the shredded cardboard as mulch in your own garden, or donate it to those hard at work at your local allotments or to schools and youth groups running community gardening projects. Your customers, new and old, will love to hear that they are dealing with a community-minded company, the worms will love their new home and the gardeners will enjoy perfectly prepared soil. Cardboard also works wonders in compost bins or heaps, creating a really effective fertiliser that can work wonders on crops and plants.

Effective Insulation

Try using unwanted stuffing mats as a form of insulation — perfect for placing around guinea pig or rabbit cages left outside for the winter. Just make sure you put a waterproof cover over the top as well.

Source of Fuel

Cardboard briquettes are now seen as a viable alternative to coal and more traditional forms of fuel. Try adding untreated shredded cardboard to home fires to reduce fuel bills this winter.

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