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Perfect Pallet Projects

The timber pallets created by Holmes Mann are designed and made to extremely high standards, ensuring that they are perfect if re-use is on the agenda. As well as packaging and transportation, there are also a lot of other uses that they could be put to.


Show your clients, friends and family your green credentials by sharing some of these ideas for timber pallet recycling.

Work Station

You can’t get more versatile than a timber pallet when it comes to upcycling or recycling. They can, quite literally, be turned into thousands of things. These include everything from simple storage containers, window boxes, wine racks and shoe cabinets to rocking chairs, tables, bookcases and beds.

One of our favourite ideas, however, is using pallets to create a personalised work station or child’s desk. Minimal DIY skills are needed, and the design of pallets makes it simple to create storage areas for anything from paper to a computer keyboard. Invest in a piece of toughened glass or another top to create a stable surface on which to work, and then you’re good to go.


Feeling a bit more ambitious? Pallets can be combined to create a multitude of different sofa options, including corner sofa units with storage. The cost of some nice cushions is a small price to pay for a truly unique piece of furniture.

Patio Bench

This is one of the most common uses for unwanted pallets, and this shouldn’t come as a great surprise given how simple these benches can be to create and how practical they are. You could even go to town and design a side table as well.


Pallets can be used as ready-made shelving units for your living room or kitchen. Decorate to complement your interior design and hang on the wall. Who knew decluttering could be this easy?

Rubbish Bin

With more and more initiatives aimed at getting you to recycle at home, you’ve probably got more bins than you’ve ever had before. If you’re still short on rubbish space, however, pallets can be recycled to create a useful recycling bin, complete with a hinged lid if you like.

Towel Storage Unit

Turn unwanted pallets into handy bathroom storage shelves, perfect for keeping towels in order.

Dog Bed

Have you got a pampered pooch who deserves a unique place to sleep? Two well-sanded pallets can be transformed into a comfortable bed with padding added by your choice of cushions.

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