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Packaging Materials: Don’t Forget the Little Things in Life!

The little things in life matter, which is why Holmes Mann stocks a comprehensive range of packaging materials which might be small but can prove vital to the day-to-day running of your business. While they may be an afterthought on your shopping list, failing to keep your stock of packaging materials up can result in costly delays and frustration.

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With everything from tapes, tape dispensers and stretchfilm to bubble wrap, corrugated paper rolls and strapping, we can supply you with all those small but necessary items which are the key to seeing your operations run smoothly.

Always Sweat the Small Stuff

It’s an experience we’ve all had at some point. You’re fully engrossed in a task and everything is going swimmingly, until you suddenly realise you’re missing a vital piece of equipment and you’re forced to down tools. Often it’s the small everyday things which are lacking, the items we use on such a regular basis and which we take for granted until they’re no longer there.

You might, in your head, have a constant and never-ending supply of bubble wrap or packaging tape, but get to the end of a roll and look around for the next one and you might discover your stock has been totally depleted. Keeping a good stash of these small but vital pieces of kit can make all the difference, because finding you’ve run out could mean having to put your operations on hold while staff look for alternatives or get online to order more for rapid delivery.

Maintain Your Stock Levels

You should try to take an inventory of your stock levels on a regular basis to reduce the risk of running low on these smaller and often overlooked items. Check whether tape dispensers need replacing, how many rolls of packaging tape you have in the stock cupboard, whether you have enough pallet wrapping stretchfilm to last and whether you need to replenish your store of strapping or cord.

It’s only by keeping a close eye on the smaller everyday essentials that you can ensure there’s no interruption to service and you can keep processing the orders without a hitch. With a wide selection of tapes, packaging straps, bubble wrap, air cushion packaging and other packaging materials, Holmes Mann have everything you need to keep your stocks up and your packing running smoothly. Remember the small things and the big things will take care of themselves.

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