Siat BeeWrap UK

Advanced Semi-Automatic Mobile Pallet Wrapper

Siat BeeWrap UK

BeeWrap+ is a mobile wrapping machine used for palletizing goods with stretch film. It is suitable for heavy weight items, unusual shapes, and loads with large dimensions. It is equipped with a digital control panel that allows the user, in an easy and functional way, to alter various parameters and set-up customized wrapping cycle programs.
With sleek design modifications the newly upgraded features the BeeWrap+ is also equipped with new AGM dry battery technology. This guarantees a higher working autonomy (up to 400 cycles per charge) and enhances safety within the machine.

This machine with its digital control panel allows any operator, within the end-of-line process, to set up and manage the programs easily and effectively.

For your peace of mind, Holmes Mann Packaging Systems have been supplying and servicing Siat in the UK for 40 years and carry with us a vast range of parts and accessories, as well as a wealth of knowledge to assist you in finding the most suitable machines for your requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01274 735 881 to discuss your requirements.

This SIAT Stretch Wrapper has been designed and manufactured according to the EC machinery directives .

Siat BeeWrap Pallet Wrapper Features:

  • For pallets of height up to 2100 mm
  • Needs only 1150 mm free space around the load to operate Safety bumper
  • Operation indicator light and beeper
  • 2 x 12V lead acid battery with incorporated battery charger
  • Rudder for easy motorised robot moving
  • Adjustable height tracing wheel
  • Rear forklift access
  • Reclining column for easy shipment and movement
  • Advanced & Friendly control panel
  • Film carriage with clutch (mechanical or electromagnetic) or powered prestretch (200%)
  • Pallet height photocell
  • Up to 300 pallets without recharging (Subject to conditions)

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