Siat GT One UK

Hand Strapping Tool

Siat GT One UK

This next generation, battery operated, Hand Strapping Tool is an ideal piece of equipment for those companies needing to tie and secure all their boxes and cases, so they’re ready for shipping.

The Siat GT One is ergonomic in its design, perfectly balanced – so you can use it either for upright or horizontally strapping – and works in manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode. It is the ideal plastic strapping tool for operators working in the end-of-line area of your business.

If speed and achieving efficiency within your workplace is an important factor in your decision making process, then look no further than the GT One. It has a user friendly interface with a key lock function; a 16m/mm speed chip so it’s faster to use and offers tension capacity up to 4500N so you know your cargo is secure for transportation as it can be.

When you buy or lease any machinery from Holmes Mann, you can rest assured that it will be safe, reliable and confirm to industry standards. Having been tested in industry applications with PP and PET straps for over 60,000 cycles, in extremely low and high fluctuating temperature levels, the GT One hand strapping tool is the perfect bit of kit for any business looking to securely fasten their products before despatching.

Holmes Mann are an official Siat Diamond Plus Distributor for the UK. Along with the GT One, we offer the full range of Siat packaging machines and carry with us a vast range of parts and accessories, as well as a wealth of knowledge to assist you in finding the most suitable machines for your requirements.

Contact our sales team today on 01274 761 881 to discuss this, the Siat GT One, or any of your other packaging machines requirements.

GT One Design features and benefits:

  • Contemporary, robust and ergonomic in its design
  • High quality cover and finish
  • Handle design in natural rubber to guarantee the best possible grip (vertical or horizontal)
  • The Siat GT One can work in Manual, Soft, Semi-Automatic and Automatic mode

– Manual
Traditional Way
To check the tension force before welding
To operate manually

PP Strapping
Soft/Fragile Packages
Minimum Strap Abrasion

– Semi-Automatic
Standard Adjustment
Fast Strapping Cycle
For Edge Protectors
To control the strap

– Automatic
Highest Productivity
Fast Strapping Cycle
No Manipulation
Reproducible Strappings

  • User friendly touch panel, which enables the easy change of the setting
  • Incorporates a new brushless motor which is lighter and more efficient
  • The brushless motor gives faster tension time, faster sealing time, a higher ‘joint’ efficiency
  • Feed-wheel opening solution (ideal for small and round packages)
  • Welding carriage descends using a linear motor driver, making it a simpler and efficient solution

Benefits to Holmes Mann customers:

  • It’s easier to use
  • comes with an easy-to-use opening system (the Feed-Wheel)
  • Effective and Safe (with a cargo securing tension capacity up to 4500N)
  • Faster to use (16m/min. speed chip)
  • Higher Process reliability
  • Optimised application control through multiple modes
  • User Friendly interface with key lock function
  • Different PP/PET Strap Sizes useable (from 9mm to 16mm)
  • Stable performance thanks to its Li-Ion battery technology (no memory effect)
  • Industrial professional device with continuous use properties
  • Weight only 3.7kgs
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Long-lasting & low maintenance costs thanks to the brushless motor
  • Efficient ‘manual’ operation (absolutely balanced)
  • Universal application possibilities thanks to its compact design
  • It can be used as stationary with 230v adapter and balance spring suspension

Additional Features:

  • Lockable touchpad buttons to prevent unwanted adjustments
  • Audible alarm (if the tool is opened before the weld cooling time is completed)
  • Countdown timer (numbers 3-2-1-0) for cooling time with sound signal at the end of the weld
  • Electronic Overload protection for motor and battery
  • Digital Error readout
  • Mains Connector: Direct connection to 230 / 110v power supply
  • Optional device for both
  • Connection without adjustment & preparation of the tool
  • Stationery applications / hook
  • Bottom plate for product protection
  • Outside application at continuous low temperature levels (below -10°C / +40°C)
  • Able to work in frozen application (better with the 230v plug)

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