Siat F44 UK

Automatic Case Erector

Siat F44 UK

The Siat F44 is an automatic case erector with boxes storage in line. This ingenious, high tech machine, has been designed to fold and seal – with adhesive tape – the bottom of the boxes; taking the hard work and tedium out of your end-of-line process. Install one of these in your finishing area within your business and watch it output up to 480 boxes an hour*. You can make adjustments easily and quickly without fearing unnecessary downtime.

We’ve simplified the explanation of what the Siat F44 offers, but of course there’s a lot more to it – as the specification below shows – and the best way to find out how this amazing machine can add real value to your business, is to talk to one of our sales team. Why not give them a call on 01274 761881 now and they’ll guide you through the machines features and benefits in more detail.

For your peace of mind, Holmes Mann are an official Siat Diamond Plus Distributor for the UK. Along with the Siat F44, we offer the full range of Siat packaging machines and carry with us a vast range of parts and accessories, as well as a wealth of knowledge to assist you in finding the most suitable machines for your requirements.

Key Features of the Siat F44:

  • Gravity box storage for 150 boxes
  • Boxes storage in line
  • Drive belts speed 21 m/min.
  • Output up to 480 boxes/hour
  • 1 arm activated by a pneumatic system with suction cups to take cartons from the boxes storage, to fold and to take them away by drive belts (2 x Motors kW 0,18 each) for the bottom flaps folding & sealing
  • K11R taping unit – 50 mm width
  • VENTURI® vacuum system
  • Control panel equipped with: box counter
  • Box timer, low box storage alarm, low tape/no tape alarm, full line alarm after the machine
  • Safety protections with switches to disconnect electric & pneumatic circuits if opened
  • Machine controlled by PLC
  • Designed in compliance with CE regulation.

*Subject to box dimensions.

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