Siat F144 UK

Case Erector

Siat F144 UK

If you are considering a case erector that will automatically and efficiently assemble cardboard boxes, then take a look at the Siat F144 UK

This machine draws, erects and seals the bottom flap of the carton with adhesive tape. Your boxes are then ready to be filled.

The Siat F144 UK is fast, for it can output between 500-800 boxes* an hour, letting your end-of-line production team crack-on with other tasks.

Of course there’s a lot more to this case erector but the best way to find out how this machine can add real value to your business, is to talk to one of our sales team. Why not give them a call on 01274 761881 today and they’ll guide you through the Siat F144 features and benefits in more detail.

For your peace of mind, Holmes Mann are an official Siat Diamond Plus Distributor for the UK. Along with the Siat F144, we offer the full range of Siat packaging machines and carry with us a vast range of parts and accessories, as well as a wealth of knowledge to assist you in finding the most suitable machines for your requirements.

  • Output of approximately 500-800 boxes/hour (*depending on the machine dimensions)
  • Case erector models available include the F144/4 – F144 – F145 and F146
  • New high speed model F344 is now available
  • We also supply hot melt glue erectors

The Siat Case Erectors are suitable for box sizes:

  • F144/4
    Min: L150 mm x W110 mm x H100 mm
    Max: L400 mm x W350 mm x H400 mm
  • F144
    Min: L200 mm x W150 mm x H120 mm
    Max: L450 mm x W350 mm x H450 mm
  • F145
    Min: L220 mm x W150 mm x H220 mm
    Max: L560 mm x W350 mm x H450 mm
  • F146
    Min: L300 mm x W200 mm x H200 mm
    Max: L620 mm x W400 mm x H400 mm

Case Erectors Comparison Carton Sizes

minimum in mm maximum in mm
PS50-TB 200 150 120 PS50-TB 600 500 500
F144/4 150 110 100 F144/4 400 350 400
F144 200 150 120 F144 450 350 450
F145 220 150 220 F145 560 350 450
F146 300 200 200 F146 620 400 400

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