Siat UK S8

Carton Sealer

Siat UK S8

This is a manually adjustable semi-automatic carton sealer. The S8 is easy to use and simple to adjust, and enables every operator within your business to start production in just minutes for efficient case sealing.

With side driving motorised belts for the transportation of cases it performs the perfect sealing of the box. The taping heads suit 50mm or 75mm width of tape.

Holmes Mann Packaging Systems are the main Siat Diamond Plus Distributor in the UK. We offer the full range of Siat machines and carry with us a vast range of parts and accessories, as well as a wealth of knowledge for these packaging machines. We can assess the most suitable machines for your requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01274 735 881 to discuss your requirements.

A special model, the S8/4, is also available for those companies looking to seal very small cartons.

This case sealer has been designed and manufactured according to the EC machinery directives and available in either single or 3 phase power.

The S8 Carton Sealer is suitable for box sizes:

  • Min: L150mm X W105mm X H110mm
  • Max: L N/A X W500mm X H500mm

The S8/4 carton sealer is suitable for box sizes:

  • Min: L150mm X W90mm X H50mm
  • Max: L N/A X W500mm X H480mm

NB: Other versions of this machine are available, please get in touch if your requirements are not mentioned here.

Case Sealers Comparison Carton Sizes

minimum in mm maximum in mm
SK20 150 140 110 SK20 N/A 500 500*
S26** 180 160 120 S26 N/A 650 650
S8 150 105 110 S8 N/A 500 500
S8/4 150 90 50 S8/4 N/A 500 480
SR20 150 140 110 SR20 N/A 500 500
SR46 180 160 120 SR46 N/A 650 650
SM11 200 120 120 SM11 600 500 600
SM11/4 200 105 60 SM11/4 600 500 560

* This machine can be modified to accept a carton up to 700mm height.
** Version for larger cartons

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