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Packaging Machinery: To Buy or to Lease?

If you’ve been scouring the market for new packaging machinery, then Holmes Mann should be your only port of call. With a whole new range recently added to our ever-growing catalogue, our customers are guaranteed to find the ideal packaging machinery to fit their business, from hand-strapping tools and pallet wrappers to case erectors and carton sealers.

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Packaging machinery is used in all sort of industries and for all sorts of purposes. Once you’ve found your perfect piece of kit, however, just one important question remains: should you buy it outright or should you lease it?

Choices, Choices

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. We are aware that buying packaging machinery can be an expensive business, and if you’re not sure how much use you will actually need from your machinery, then it can sometimes make better financial sense to lease an item only for the time you need it. Although all our SIAT carton sealers, case erectors, hand-strapping tools and spare parts are incredibly competitively priced, purchase isn’t always an option for a business if you’re trying to tighten the purse strings.

If there’s a long-term need for an item of packaging machinery, then purchasing it outright does, of course, appear to be the best option. If you operate a warehouse, for instance, then you’re always going to need a pallet wrapper, and investing in one which is going to last is logical. Paying outright for something like the advanced SIAT BeeWrap semi-automatic pallet wrapper means you’ve got exactly what you need for day-to-day operations and don’t need to factor in hire costs when budgeting.

When Leasing Makes Sense

There are all sorts of reasons you might decide to lease a piece of kit rather than buy. Cost can be a major factor, as not every business will be able to pay upfront and might feel that staggering the cost through hiring is a safer option. It could also be that you’re not entirely sure whether a piece of packaging machinery is right for you and simply want a few weeks or months to test it out and see whether it fits with your operations.

Leasing a piece of packaging machinery for whatever period of time gives you a chance to try it out without having committed to purchasing the product. With a tailored lease plan from Holmes Mann, you could lease the packaging equipment you need for however long you need it and keep your operations running smoothly.

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