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Pack Right for Ocean-Bound Deliveries

If your company has a large number of international clients, it is important to ensure that products arrive safely.

Air transport can be a costly option and so shipping is often the method of choice for businesses keen to create a world-wide client base whilst not blowing the budget. This mode of transport can sometimes be perilous for fragile items, however, which is why it is vital to think about the packaging and methods you use.

Pack Right for Ocean Bound Deliveries

The Holmes Mann team have put together the following outlines to give you an idea of the basic packaging options available, but it is often worth enlisting the help of a packaging specialist to ensure that the reputation of your business is never tainted by damaged goods.

Pallets and Crates

These are a vital form of secondary packaging which will not only keep your products safe from excessive movement, but will also stop items sitting on the surface they are placed on, whether this is a truck bed or the ground itself. This stops the primary packaging from being damaged and prevents damp and dirt seeping in.

Vacuum Packaging

This is an ideal choice for a wide range of perishable goods as it keeps out oxygen, yeast, mould and bacteria. It is particularly popular for food stuffs and medical items. Vacuum packaging is also extremely effective in ensuring that packages are as small as they can possibly be, reducing transport costs if you are paying by size rather than weight.


This can be used as secondary or primary packaging – or both – and can encase an individual product or a whole pallet. Shrink-wrapping provides a buffer to prevent damage from impacts, holds items together and can stop items being punctured or scratched. It can be cheaper than corrugated boxes, is easy to recycle and the waste takes up a minimum amount of space. It can also allow products to be viewed even when they are securely packed.

Preservation Packaging

This includes vacuum packaging and shrink-wrapping but also covers canning and packaging such as milk cartons and egg boxes, not to mention bubble wrap. The aim of this type of packaging is simple: to keep products in top condition. Bubble wrap is a hugely effective form of preservation packaging, offering an inexpensive and lightweight method of cushioning even the most delicate of items.

Shock Mount Packaging

This is the premium choice for very fragile items, such as chemicals and sensitive electronics. It is heavy-duty to ensure the best protection against shocks and vibrations and also keeps items safe from the effects of moisture, dust and even humidity.

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