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New Year’s Eve all wrapped up

If you’re looking for an unusual fancy dress costume for this New Year’s Eve, how about a bubble wrap space suit inspired by the cult move Dude, Where’s My Car?

New-Years Eve all wrapped up

There are loads available to buy right now but why pay out more than you need to? If you run a business which relies on shipping parcels abroad and in the UK bubble wrap is likely to be in plentiful supply, so simply make your own. Even if you do need to replenish your stocks, it’s likely to be much cheaper than buying a ready-made suit. In the end the costume will look fantastic and you – or your kids – can have hours of fun popping those addictive little bubbles.

The suits are really easy to make and the beauty of them is that if you aren’t that handy with a needle, you can simply use some good quality parcel tape to stick it all together. There are numerous patterns on the internet if you’re stuck for inspiration but your design only needs to be as complicated as you want it to be. For a really simple creation, use one of your suits as a template. You can draw around it using a felt tip or marker pen but then it is important to add on at least a couple of centimetres all around. This is because bubble wrap won’t stretch and move like your own clothes and so you will need to leave plenty of room for manoeuvring.

Use a length of elastic to create the waistband of the trousers to make them easy to get on and off. You only need to create a simple seam to keep it in place but just ensure that it is securely fixed. Glue on a press stud or two using a strong adhesive to keep the jacket closed or you can use thread if you prefer.

Kids will love these costumes as much as adults, although you may struggle to find any bubbles that are still inflated by the time the party begins. You also need to keep youngsters safe. If you will not be supervising them at all times, the suit is probably not suitable for younger children who won’t understand the suffocation risk.

Another important consideration is what you will wear underneath. Obviously, you will need something to protect your modesty but, be warned, if you are likely to be in a crowded venue all night, you will get hot.

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