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New SIAT Packaging Machines

We have been busy updating both our website and our range of SIAT machines. So if you have yet to invest in SIAT packaging machinery or you’re considering an update, it could be time to take a look, especially as we offer you a no-obligation chance to try before you buy.


Why Bother?

It is not an understatement to say that modern SIAT machinery can revolutionise your packaging operations, boosting productivity, reducing waste and increasing safety. Other benefits include ensuring maximum security for goods and consistency for customers with every item you ship.

Yes, if you eventually decide to buy SIAT machinery, it can be a significant investment, but the returns are usually noticeable within a very short amount of time.

What’s in the Range?

The Holmes Mann SIAT range of packaging machinery includes carton sealers, pallet wrappers and case erectors.

Carton sealers: Every SIAT carton sealer we stock is simple to use, and there are machines available in different styles to suit your individual business needs.

The SIAT S8 is a semi-automatic, manually adjustable carton sealer which can be operational within minutes and offers highly efficient case sealing. There is also the semi-automatic SIAT UK SR20 machine for random-sized cartons, automatically adjusting to suit box dimensions, and our most popular choice, the SIAT UK SK20 semi-automatic machine.

The largest case sealing machines we have are the SIAT SM11 automatic carton sealers for fixed-sized boxes. These are perfect for longer runs and have a double-side driving system for perfect throughput.

Pallet wrappers: SIAT pallet wrappers offer advanced technical features to boost efficiency, value and load stability and security. Our range features the SIAT OneWrap UK, the SW2 UK and the SIAT BeeWrap UK.

The OneWrap offers ten programs to provide consistent wrapping cycles, while the SW2 is a multi-program machine which can boost efficient management and the speed of your packaging operations. The BeeWrap semi-automatic advanced mobile pallet wrapper is the newest addition to the range, suitable for pallets of all shapes, weights and sizes. It is packed with features yet is incredibly easy to manage and is backed by a generous two-year SIAT warranty.

Case erectors: Every SIAT case erector assembles boxes with extreme efficiency, but there are still choices to be made. There is the semi-automatic SIAT PS50-TB UK single block carton former and sealer or the automatic F44 UK, which can output as many as 480 boxes an hour. Also in our range is the automatic SIAT F144 UK, which draws, erects and then seals and can output up to 800 cartons per hour.

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