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Need to Wrap a Submarine? Bubble Wrap Is the Top Choice

Sometimes the easiest way to see the benefits of a great packaging material is to consider its full potential in fields far more sophisticated than those where keeping valuables safe and secure is the primary objective. It’s a bit like typists who practise their speeds at much higher rates than they will ever be tested on. This means that when their work – or the performance of a packaging material – is put under the microscope, as in the case of a keyboard operator’s speed examination or a long journey for a package, its excellence will be clear to see.

Take bubble wrap as an example. Its widespread use can mean that its excellent credentials are hardly considered, let alone discussed. Yet if you consider the latest high-tech function of a version of this type of material, it is not hard to see how much confidence it should inspire when used for something as relatively simple as keeping goods safe in transit. Scientists working at the University Paris-Diderot, PSL Research University and the University of Manitoba are currently using a type of bubble wrap to make submarines less susceptible to sonar detection. If it can keep a whole fleet – and maybe a nation – safe, it’s got to be a good choice for your latest business shipment.


Currently, submarines have an inch-thick layer of rubber foam installed to reduce detection by sonar, but the thinner sheet of bubble-encrusted rubber in development would save on weight whilst still doing its deflection job. Recent laboratory tests have shown that it can cut down rates of detection by sonar by 10,000 times. In practice, this means that a film of this bubble material which measures just four millimetres in thickness could be enough to lower a sonar signal by an incredible 99 per cent. This film, featuring two-millimetre bubbles, can absorb sonar energy and cut down reflected sound waves 100 times more effectively than anyone thought possible previously.

Scientists and experts within the marine industry still have one issue to contend with, however: namely, how it is going to be possible to produce this type of durable bubble material economically enough to make it viable to use to cover a complete submarine? Fortunately, this is not an issue faced by our customers who are considering using the current widely available material to cover a whole shipment, as our bubble wrap is renowned for its affordability and value for money when its high levels of performance are taken into account.

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