Cardboard Tubes

Working with our strategic manufacturing partners, Holmes Mann are able to offer cardboard tubes fit for your requirements.

With over 125 years of tube manufacture and supply experience, we’re still rolling with the times. Holmes Mann are not just your ordinary cardboard tube suppliers, we supply both high quality spiral-wound tubes and convolute-wound tubes, which are all manufactured in Yorkshire. They are strong and have an excellent tolerance to being crushed due to their composite structure.

Our printing options allows us to offer tubes printed in up to 3 colours so you can customise them to reflect your company brand and values. The tubes can be equipped with end plugs – depending on your requirement – ready for postage.

Core Cutting

We have at our disposal the latest core cutting technology, which can be cut down to lengths from just a few millimetres. The parent cores are manufactured in-house specially for each order and then cut down to your required length.

Typically, Spiral cardboard tubes and Cores are used in:

  • Labels and tapes
  • Textiles
  • Packaging
  • Postal tubes
  • Fabrics
  • Films

Typically, convolute tubes, which are made from single sheets of cardboard but are just as strong if not stronger than its spiral partner, are used in:

  • Labels and tapes
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Packaging
  • Reel tubes
  • Roll centres

If your business packs and ships products then why not contact our sales team on 01274 761881 to see if Holmes Mann can help you in the supply of cardboard tubes and cores; as well as other end-of-line packaging products and services.

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