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Making the Most of Branding & Packaging Design

If you are new to the business, branding and packaging design may seem like a perplexing process.

It’s of course, a no brainer to turn to experienced packaging design experts for professional advice, but there are also some questions to answer yourself before you begin. These questions should include the following things. What is my budget? What do I want to communicate through my packaging? How can I convey my enthusiasm for my project to other people, from my chosen design consultants to my potential customers or clients?

The Right Partnership

Choosing the right branding design partner is essential to ensure success. Good consultants will share your enthusiasm for your product and will guide you through every step of the design process. They will be able to work within your budget and timeframe and offer clear advice that is easy to understand and to follow.

Your Creative Brief

Compiling your own creative brief will not only allow you to bring your own ideas together, but it will also help you to pass on your vision to your design consultants. This document should include your overall vision, your background, who you think your audience is, your view of your brand position within the marketplace, how you think it differs from everything else on the shelves and who you believe your competitors are. You should also consider what essential information you need on your packaging, any features you would like to include and how quickly you hope to have your design in place.

Be Realistic

You will need to decide whether you want to use stock structures or require a completely new packaging concept. Remember that a new concept created by packaging design experts will be considerably more expensive than a stock solution, but this can be well worth the money spent, and there are also options to combine the two with a bespoke aspect to a stock structure.

There are also other aspects of your budget to consider, such as the creation of any photography you plan to use. Do you need to factor in the cost of a photo shoot to create the images you want, for example, or will you have to pay for using someone else’s photographs?

Considering these sorts of factors will mean you can be clearer in your focus and more able to convey your ideas to your chosen consultant. This will help to ensure that you get the results you want in time and on budget.

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