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Make Effective Pallet Wrapping a Differentiator for Your Business

The importance of wrapping pallets effectively cannot be overstated. It matters because of the financial benefits, the minimisation of risks and the potential effects on your company’s reputation.

Adequate pallet wrapping will save you cash and prevent unnecessary expenditure, whether your business depends on shipping or storing goods, or on a combination of the two.

Shipping Safely and Minimising Losses

If pallets are loosely stacked, they will be prone to toppling, and the financial and safety implications of this can be disastrous. There will be the loss of products and, potentially, the loss of repeat business and damage to your business’s reputation. There may also be the need to pay for repeat shipping costs and any compensation you may offer disappointed customers, not to mention repackaging costs and the time wasted to sort out the situation. There is also the risk to workers in the field.

In contrast, using a pallet wrapper machine to stretch-wrap pallets will ensure that money is not spent on excess wrapping materials, time is not wasted on hand-wrapping and products remain safe and customers are kept happy. The initial investment in the equipment will be paid back quickly as wastage is limited and the reputation of your business grows. The quality packaging achieved by using a stretch-wrapping machine can be a major differentiator in the ever-competitive world of business, and a pallet wrapper has the capacity to place your firm ahead of the pack.


This is the most effective way of keeping pallets totally secure during transportation. The stretched film prevents slippage and minimises the toppling risk. It will protect the contents from environmental damage and some films even offer UV protection. It also offers some impact resistance and can prevent punctures and scratches.

The wrapping itself is highly affordable and versatile, providing a cheap and effective way of keeping products clean, dry and safe.

Storage Solution

Pallet wrapping is also an effective means of keeping goods in storage in prime condition. The added layer of protection will keep out dirt and dust and it minimises problems associated with damp. Stretch-wrapping also provides protection against bumps and scrapes, which can cause costly damage to primary packaging or even the products themselves.

It enables pallets to be loaded to capacity, making storage easier and less hazardous to staff working in warehouses and to the products themselves.

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