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Is It Time to Consider Coloured Pallet Wrap?

The benefits of using coloured pallet wrap are numerous, and many businesses believe that any extra costs are outweighed by long-term savings in both time and money.


A pallet wrapper machine allows you to wrap pallets according to their contents, improving identification during both shipping and warehousing. Auditing becomes much simpler when particular products are colour-coded, allowing different pallets to be identified even when stacked high in a warehouse or positioned a long distance away.

Using different coloured pallet wrap can make handling easier and more efficient, as particular products can easily be identified and specific handling requirements noted, and it can be extremely effective in preventing cross-contamination if dangerous products are involved. It also minimises the potential for mistakes if all staff members are aware of the company’s colour-coding policies.

Some companies choose to use different coloured pallets, but there are then factors to consider such as their durability and even their ability to withstand environmental conditions such as strong and frequent sunlight whilst still maintaining their appearance and offering enough of a shelf-life to warrant their cost.

Coloured pallet wrap is a disposable option that can also offer much more flexibility. Colour choices may change over time, and it is much more cost-effective to replace rolls of wrap rather than the pallets themselves.

Coloured and printed wrap can be invaluable in promoting a brand’s image, providing an easily recognisable packaging option which can co-ordinate with everything from store design to logos and marketing material. This can be really important in situations where customers encounter your wrapped pallets.

There is also evidence that coloured wrap is an effective means of preventing tampering and reducing freight damage. This is because it is much more difficult, if not impossible, to replace individualised wrap in a bid to hide accidents or damage. Most of this damage is caused by the sheer amount of handling that many pallets encounter during a long journey, and it will always be in the best interest of carriers not to let customers see any evidence of poor or careless operations.

Coloured wrap can also prevent excessive handling within your own internal operations. It can make delivery locations clearer and reduce the risk of potentially time-consuming and costly mistakes. It can streamline operations by making handling and packing requirement as clear as possible and reduce the cost of replacing and shipping wrongly packaged goods.

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