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Innovative Uses For Packing Chips

Why not add to your company’s green credentials and its reputation as a firm that cares for its customers and the planet by encouraging clients to reuse their packing chips?

These chips are a highly effective way of protecting goods in transit but often end up in landfill after use. These handy Holmes Mann tips, however, demonstrate how their usefulness does not diminish once a parcel has been unpacked.

Innovative Uses For Packing Chips

Nail It

Make banging your fingers a thing of the past when hammering a nail by using a packing chip as cushioning. Push the nail’s tip through a chip and then into the surface you want to nail it into. This will steady the nail while you do the initial hammering without your fingers having to get involved. Then simply pull away the chip and you can finish driving in the nail.

Kids’ Stuff

Give the chips to children, who can use them for a range of crafty projects. Painted and threaded on string, they make great bracelets, or they can use them for painting or spreading glue.

Blade Buffers

Place chips on the tips of tools such as awls to prevent painful jabs when you are searching through your tool box. They also make effective small pin cushions in sewing boxes or as a drawing pin store in desk drawers.

Picture of Protection

Cut the chips to size and glue them to the back of picture frames, paintings or mirrors to protect the painted walls behind when they are hung up.

Beanbag Booster

Sagging beanbags and bean chairs can be given a comfort boost simply by popping in a few handfuls of unwanted chips.

Screw Doctor

Prevent the problem of a screw being too loose by using a packing chip to fill in the surrounding space. Pop the screw through a chip and then screw it into place. Remove the excess chip and your screw will be secure.

Drainage Design

Use a layer of chips at the bottom of plant pots to improve drainage. This can be especially useful for big planters in the garden, as a large layer of chips will also reduce the amount of soil needed, lowering the weight and making the plants easier to move when you want to.

Blooming Effective

Have you got some artificial flowers that are too short for the pot or vase you want to use? Simply put a layer of chips at the bottom to reduce the height inside.

Got any tips we haven’t thought of? Let us know in the comments below!

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