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Improve Packaging Quality and Efficiency

Does your business need a carton sealer? If you want to increase production, reduce labour, improve package appearance and minimise waste, then the answer is probably yes.

At Holmes Mann, we know that premium packaging can set your business apart from your competitors by making your service look professional and keeping your goods in perfect condition. A case sealer or box taper from Holmes Mann will create these prime packages quickly and efficiently, reducing your staffing costs and improving your yield. They minimise tape wastage and are likely to produce returns on your investment in a very short period of time.

Improve Packaging Quality and Efficiency

Type of Business

There is a range of sealers available to suit every size and type of business, including those in the versatile Siat range of case sealers. There are entry-level machines for smaller companies which can tape either long or short runs of uniform cartons. The more advanced sealers can adjust themselves to deal with a range of different parcel sizes. There are also completely automated in-line sealers which remove the need for any permanent staff to take care of this area of your business.

In general, if your business needs at least two employees to tape cases, you could benefit from investing in a carton sealer. They are easy to set up and use, meaning that your prime packaging procedures can begin straight away. They are also extremely safe and all Siat models comply with the relevant regulations. We have a showroom on site open for demonstrations, with full technical support on hand should any problems unfold.

Which Model?

The first choice you must make is whether you want an operator-free or operator-fed model. This will depend on the size and scale of your business, your staffing levels and your methods of production. You will need to consider the size and variety of the cases you want to seal and the type of tape or sealing method you want to use. Think about how many cartons you want to have sealed each minute or every hour and whether you need your cartons sealed at the top and bottom or just at the top.

You can then ask for advice from industry experts, such as those available at Holmes Mann. Specialist knowledge can help to ensure that you get the machine you really need for your business, understand how to operate it with maximum efficiency and do not suffer delays in your business operations. This will also make sure that your business gains further by satisfying and impressing customers with supremely packaged products provided at the lowest prices thanks to reduced packaging material and staffing costs. Call us now to book a demonstration or to chat about how we can help.

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