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Huge Savings to Be Made

Testing by Holmes Mann has discovered that it is possible to save up to £1.20 on the cost of wrapping each and every pallet you pack using a wrapping machine.

The test compared a pallet wrapped by hand with one wrapped using a standard machine with electromagnetic break and another on a power pre-stretch machine. In each case, a standard Euro pallet was used, measuring 1.2 metres by 80cm and standing around 1.2 metres tall, and the film used was 20 micron cast stretchfilm.

Huge Savings to Be Made

The study removed the film from a pallet that had been hand-wrapped at a customer’s site and found that 800 grams of the material had been used. In comparison, 400 grams less was used on a standard machine with electromagnetic brake capacity, and 230 grams less was used on a power pre-stretch machine. The machine used four wraps at the base and up to the top and three from the top to the bottom.

The cost for the wrapping of each pallet was then calculated using the relevant prices for April 2014. This uncovered the fact that there were huge savings to be made from the use of a wrapping machine. If a 20 micron 400mm by 300m hand film was used, it would cost almost £1.58 to wrap each pallet. A 20 micron machine film on a machine with an electromagnetic braking mechanism would lead to a price of 63p a pallet, whilst a 20 micron power pre-stretched film on a machine would cost just over 38p a pallet. The latter represented a saving of around £1.20 on every pallet wrapped.

There is then the ease and simplicity of a wrapping machine, which can easily combine stability and security with efficiency and cost-effectiveness to make the job of export packers easier and more productive. It can improve workplace safety whilst ensuring that goods arrive at customers’ premises in good condition. Loosely and poorly packed pallets are prone to toppling and shifting, putting the reputation of businesses at risk. There is also the potential for weather damage to goods which are not adequately wrapped.

Hand wrapping is more costly, both in terms of the materials used and in the time and excess involved. A pallet wrapping machine, meanwhile, can improve product protection whilst maximising on unitization and the cost of packaging each load. There is no need for retightening as there is when poly or steel strapping is used, and no risks of the injuries commonly associated with these.

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