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Hand-Strapping or Machine-Strapping?

Whether you choose to machine-strap or hand-strap your goods will depend on factors such as the type of products you ship, the quantity of items you send out and your business budget. Other factors such as the size of your business premises and your staffing levels and output time commitments may also play a vital role in helping you to decide which option is the best. If you are just starting out in business or you are looking at new packaging processes, here are some pros and cons for both of the methods.  If you need more information or simply want to discuss a project, why not talk to our experts at Holmes Mann.


This will require less initial outlay. The total cost of strapping roll and any tools required will be less than the price of one strapping machine. The size of your operation may make it unfeasible or poor financial sense to invest in costly machinery. There will also be no need to find room in your premises to site a machine, although you will still need an adequate space where hand-wrapping can take place. This method, however, may be the best option for smaller businesses, where there are not high volumes of strapping taking place and where a machine may not provide an adequate return on your investment.



For larger operations, machine-strapping can be the ideal solution for increasing output and cutting waste, both in terms of the amount of packing roll used and in the time that employees could spend doing other jobs. There are fully and semi-automatic strapping machines that can easily be integrated into packaging production lines and can be chosen to meet the requirements of your particular business.

For medium-sized to large businesses, these machines are a surprisingly affordable option that can provide a quick return on your investment if speed and efficiency are amongst your primary packaging concerns. Machine-strapping can also be a safer option for employees, minimising the risk of musculoskeletal injuries that repetitive movements can cause, and reducing the adverse effects on a business that repeated or long-term staff sickness can have.

The results can also lead to a neater packaging result and more uniformity. These are factors that may be important if you are looking to make the high standard of your packaging a differentiator for your business. Shipping safety can also be improved when you can rely on a machine to strap each item in exactly the same way. This minimises the risk of damage in transit and the potential effect this can have on your business reputation.

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