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Guide to Choosing Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are amongst the most popular packaging materials, and they are versatile enough to be used to transport and store a vast array of items. It is important, however, to ensure that you choose the right cardboard boxes to meet the needs of both the products they will contain and your business as a whole.


The type of cardboard boxes you need will largely depend on the items they will contain, but they may also be dictated by the transportation or storage methods you are using and your company’s operational practices.

Once you are clear on what you want them to carry, you need to decide whether you want single-wall boxes or double-wall versions. Single-wall boxes can be a good choice for keeping packaging and transportation costs down, but they are only really suitable for lightweight items which don’t need extensive protection or as an outer layer for a parcel of items already contained in smaller boxes.

Double-wall cardboard boxes are a better choice for heavier items or if you want to store products for extended periods of time. They have two inner layers offering additional protection and making them stronger than single-wall cardboard boxes.

They are also a good choice for transporting or storing fragile items, and they are a popular choice amongst a wide range of businesses, including many removal companies and couriers. These can be surprisingly lightweight, making them a premium choice if you want additional protection without the having to pay high shipping costs.

At Holmes Mann, there is also the choice of triple-walled cartons which are perfect when heavy-duty transit is required. These can be supplied with timber pallets or be used with them to offer complete protection during shipping or storage.

The size of the box you choose is also vital and will depend on the products you want to move or store and how you plan to package them. You could opt for standard-sized version or ask Holmes Mann to create custom cardboard boxes to meet your specific requirements.

Your operational practices will dictate whether you need large cardboard boxes to carry multiple products, smaller versions for individual items or a mixture of different sizes to keep in stock. It is certainly not worth trying to cut corners when it comes to sizes, as the wrong box can lead to costly damage to products and business reputations.

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