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Get Help from the Experts to Produce Perfect Packaging for Your Products

Any business which sells goods is likely to have to deal with packaging. After all, you can’t just drop a toy castle, a computer or a large industrial machine with no box or protection into a post box and hope that it arrives at your customer’s address in one piece.

If your company’s expertise is in producing electronic office equipment such as printers and photocopiers, for example, or perhaps designer clocks for the home, then how can you be expected to be experts too in the best way to package your product ready for transportation to the warehouse or to the customer?

Get Help from the Experts

Packaging is a complicated business. There is no “one size fits all” solution. Goods are different sizes, different weights, different shapes and different levels of fragility and sensitivity. Therefore they have different packaging requirements to ensure they have a safe journey.

Fear not, as there are experts in the world of packaging who are ready and willing to show you the way forward. They can advise you on everything from the most appropriate container and the strongest packing tape to the best way to stuff the space around your product inside the container. Added to that, they will come up with the best value for money package for your requirements and will also show you how you can recycle materials to use them in your packaging, saving you money.

Should you decide to go down the route of organising your own packaging instead of employing a company to do it for you, you may want to look into investing in one or two pieces of machinery which could help with the packing process. Depending on your requirements you could purchase equipment to seal cartons, to wrap pallets, to shrink wrap products, to assemble cardboard boxes or to produce stuffing.

Producing your own stuffing from materials which would otherwise be disposed of is both cost-cutting and environmentally friendly. A machine such as the Intimus Pacmate is small enough to sit on a desk top, and it shreds the corrugated cardboard from cardboard boxes to produce stuffing mats. These mats are ideal for packing around goods inside boxes to give added protection and, as most offices are likely to have plenty of empty cardboard boxes lying around awaiting disposal, can be produced free of charge. Using materials which would otherwise be thrown out to produce your own packaging not only saves the time and money spent on disposal, but will also increase your green credentials.

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