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For All Your Packaging Machinery Servicing and Repair Needs

We might not be able to stretch to a knight and white charger if your packaging machinery breaks down, but we can send out a qualified engineer in a shiny branded van to help prevent delays in operations.


Holmes Mann stocks parts for a huge range of different packaging machines, largely made by the renowned SIAT firm, and our friendly trained engineers are on hand to visit business customers anywhere in the UK.

We can get machinery up and running when breakdowns occur and carry out regular servicing and maintenance to prevent problems happening in the first place.

Regular Maintenance to Prevent Problems

Making sure that you get 100 per cent from your packaging machinery may well be a priority for your business, and regular maintenance can help you to do this while minimising the likelihood of inconvenient breakdowns leading to expensive and disruptive delays.

As a SIAT Diamond Plus Distributor and official SIAT partner, we are on hand to deal with either scenario, offering maintenance and servicing support to prevent problems from arising and being able to swiftly and efficiently respond if the worst should happen.

Choice of Services

We carry a vast variety of spare parts which our engineers can fit for you – or you can fit yourself. If you do require a visit, our experts will be able to fit the parts and give your packaging machinery a helpful ‘health check’ or carry out a complete and comprehensive service if that is what you want.

If we don’t have the parts you need in stock – which is actually a rare occurrence – we can order non-standard parts from SIAT’s Italian base, demonstrating how we’re willing to go that extra mile to ensure that your packaging machinery is kept in tip-top condition and is never out of action for longer than necessary.

On Hand to Help

Our friendly and experienced engineers are just waiting for your call and can be on the road – in those shiny vans – faster than you can say ‘packaging delays’. Once there, they will work quickly and efficiently to assess your machinery and address any issues.

We specialise in maintaining, servicing and repairing a wide range of packaging machinery. These include SIAT carton sealers, case erectors and pallet wrappers.

For more information about our comprehensive range of maintenance, servicing and repair options or to get help for a problem that it already causing inconvenient delays to your business’s packaging operations, contact our team on 01274 761881 today.

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