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Five Ways to Improve Packaging Efficiency


Packaging efficiency relies not just on the processes which take place within your workplace but also the way your packaging performs in transit. To help you ensure that your products, budget and business reputation are properly protected, here are five ways to improve packaging efficiency.

Invest in Packaging Machinery

Introducing automation or updating packaging machinery can make a huge difference to your business by ultimately reducing costs, boosting work rates and improving safety. The Holmes Mann range of packaging machinery includes a number of products designed to improve the efficiency of your packaging operations, including SIAT UK carton sealers, pallet wrappers and case erectors.

Reap the Rewards of Good Packaging

Good packaging will protect the items you ship and your brand. Using packaging machinery to ensure standardisation and quality, or enforcing strict guidelines within your packaging operations, can save you money and time by reducing damage and returns. This money can then be spent elsewhere in the business.

Make the Most of Storage Space

Look at whether your packaging materials and processes are taking up excessive space in your workplace, and consider whether this space could be better used. Whilst packaging machinery will undoubtedly take up space, this could ultimately mean that less square footage in your warehouse is taken up by this area of your business.

Reducing the amount of space needed for packaging operations can ultimately lead to more savings for your business. You may even find that you do not need such large premises, or you may discover that you have the space to grow your business.

Use Online Ordering

Whilst this may seem like common sense in today’s technology-packed world, some business owners are still not recognising the potential benefits of ordering online. This method can be extremely convenient and can boost both the efficiency and speed of your packaging operations by ensuring that you have exactly the right packaging materials when you need them. It can also reduce inventory costs, paperwork and administration, saving you and your workforce both time and money.

Benefit from Expert Advice

Make the most of expert advice from the team at Holmes Mann to ensure that your packaging processes are as efficient as possible. We are available to offer you all the help you need, whether you are looking for the best packaging materials for a particular product, want to increase automation or update your packaging machinery or need bespoke wooden crates tailor-made for your specific business needs.

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