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Five Tips for International Shipping

Exporting goods can be a complicated business thanks to the amount of red tape and varying rules and regulations that can be involved.┬áBut don’t worry.


There are ways that you can ensure that exporting goods is as efficient, cost-effective and stress-free as possible, however, both for you and your customers. As always, Holmes Mann is on hand to offer you our professional advice on customer care and safe packing and shipping for export.

Ship on Time

Whether our customers are ordering our custom wooden pallets, budget cases, crates or heavy lift packaging, we always make every effort to ensure their order is shipped in a timely manner, and it is important that you do the same. This can be especially important when exporting goods due to the time that must be set aside for transportation.

If your website states delivery times, do all you can to stick to them, and ensure that you have effective systems in place and the packaging solutions available to ensure that you can ship products quickly, efficiently and safely.

Know the Rules

Make it your business to know the exporting regulations for any country you are shipping to, and seek professional advice if necessary. Choosing your packaging from an expert supplier such as Holmes Mann can also minimise exporting issues by adhering to regulations such as ISPM 15, for example.

Calculate Shipping Costs

Shipping costs when exporting can be complicated, and so it is important to carefully calculate the figures involved. This includes everything from buying the budget cases, crates or custom wooden pallets you need to having a good idea of what you will be paying for tracking, insurance and any customs or import costs. This will ensure that you do not undercharge or overcharge your customers to the detriment of your finances or business reputation.

Be Transparent

Just as we aim to be very clear about the services we offer, it is essential that your customers have access to all of the information they may need. This includes the exporting methods you use, the prices you charge, the materials you use to ship internationally and any insurance details. Customers will also want to be informed about any relevant customs regulations.

Pack Properly

Do not leave anything to chance when shipping internationally. Ensure that you always choose the right crates, cardboard boxes, timber pallets or customised containers, and pack them correctly to ensure that your products arrive at their destination in the condition you and your customers want them to be in.

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