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Five Tips for Boosting Your Green Business Credentials

Making your packaging choices more eco-friendly can be great for your business by adding a differentiator for your brand, lessening your environmental impact, increasing perceived product value amongst your customers and cutting costs. But what can you do to achieve this aim? Here are five ideas from Holmes Mann.


Reuse Reusables

Investing in reusable packaging can limit the amount of raw materials being used whilst still offering plenty of practical benefits, including the ability to make your business budget go further. If you constantly store unusually shaped items, for example, asking us to create bespoke wooden crates which can be used multiple times can offer a win-win packaging solution.

If this is not practical for your business – or as an additional measure – you could encourage your customers to reuse the packaging they receive from you, even offering innovative ideas for giving the likes of cardboard boxes and tubes a new lease of life.

The Recyclable Choice

Using packaging solutions which can ultimately be recycled is increasingly important to many customers. This could mean using anything from cardboard tubes and boxes to bespoke wooden crates or wooden pallets. Most paper-based boards are recyclable, as are many plastics these days.

Use Sustainable Products

Using sustainable products is an excellent way of adhering to your own green principles and demonstrating them to your customers. At Holmes Mann, for example, we are proud that all of the timber used for our pallets and wooden cases is sourced from sustainable forests.

Keep the Weight Down

One of the easiest ways to reduce the environmental impact of your business is to ensure that you are not shipping unnecessary weight. Helped by our experts and the products and services we supply, you can ensure that you get exactly the right packaging solution for each and every job and never waste money and resources on using and shipping extra materials.

This reduction in waste is likely to impress your customers and your bank manager all in one go. Even custom options such as bespoke wooden crates can be the best-value option if they ensure that unusual items can be shipped or stored as safely and cost-effectively as possible, reducing the waste created by excess packaging and by items which are damaged in transit or while being stored.

Choose Your Manufacturer

When sourcing your packaging materials, choose suppliers such as Holmes Mann which share your environmental aims and appreciate the importance of sustainability, as well as understanding the value of using green credentials as a differentiator for your business.

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