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Empty Cardboard Boxes – The Ideal Answer to Your Shredded Material Needs

The transportation of goods can be a risky business, so the importance of good packaging cannot be emphasised too strongly.

The last thing a customer wants is to find that goods have got damaged during transit. However strong and durable the external packaging case may be, if the goods are allowed to move around freely inside, there will almost inevitably be some signs of wear and tear on delivery.

One obvious way to offer protection to packaged goods is to surround them with some form of shredded material to fill the void. Any movement inside the case or box will be minimal, and the goods will be buffered against contact with each other or with the sides of the box by the shredded material.

However, there is a lot of space to fill in a large number of packages. How can you find enough shredded material to fill all that space?

Empty Cardboard Boxes

There is a clever answer which is cheap, efficient and environmentally friendly. Every business is full of empty cardboard boxes which once contained office stationery, for example, or new electrical equipment or cleaning materials or anything else a thriving business may take delivery of. Instead of throwing out those boxes or sending them off for recycling, they can be used as the raw materials for your required large volume of shredding material for packaging.

Obviously, your standard office shredder will not be able to cope with thick strips of corrugated cardboard. However, the Intimus range of shredders for packaging material are built for this purpose and can handle as many cardboard boxes as you wish to feed them with. The resulting shredded cardboard is ideal for using to fill the space around the most fragile and sensitive of goods.

Take the Intimus Pacmaster S, for example. This industrial-sized shredder can take up to three layers of cardboard at a time and will shred up to 18mm of cardboard per second. As long as there is a 400 volt power supply available, the Intimus Pacmaster S can be moved anywhere around your business with the greatest of ease thanks to its mounted rollers, making it extremely flexible.

Now there is no need to put up with those annoying empty cardboard boxes which take up space and can be expensive and time-consuming to dispose of. Instead, make the most of them to provide you with free and plentiful shredding material for all your packing needs.

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