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Eight Reasons to Choose Bespoke Heavy-Duty Packaging

There are times when using only a pallet during transit is just not enough or when a cardboard box alone won’t offer the stability and protection you and your products require. Thanks to Holmes Mann, however, you don’t have to choose between a box and a pallet – you could use a combination of the two.


We specialise in offering heavy-duty packaging for transit, made using either a four- or two-way pallet, along with a base, sleeve, lid or complete box. Why should you consider this as a viable packaging option?

1. We can design and manufacture heavy-duty transit packaging to specifically meet your needs. This minimises risks to your products – and to your business’s reputation – as a result of inappropriate or substandard packaging options being used.

2. The price you will pay for having bespoke packaging designed and manufactured is minimal compared to the costs you might face if products are continually damaged in transit or if a high-value or important item is lost or broken as a result of its transportation conditions.

3. Heavy-duty pallet boxes or pallet-based designs are ideal for withstanding the rigours of shipping abroad. This may be increasingly important if your business is hoping to cash in on the worldwide opportunities some experts are predicting Britain’s Brexit vote will eventually bring.

4. Our heavy-duty packaging for transit is a popular choice for particularly heavy objects and also awkwardly shaped items. A bespoke design can minimise the time, effort and resources that have to be spent on sourcing packaging solutions when shipping problematic items.

5. Using packaging experts and an in-house design and manufacturing team can ensure that your packaging choices meet the requirements of not just the items you want to ship but also the destination where they will be received. Our pallets, for example, are fully compliant with ISPM export regulations to ensure the smoothest possible transit for your products.

6. A pallet and box combination can offer the ultimate in product protection by offering supreme stability, as well as protection against crushing.

7. Your heavy-duty packaging solution can be designed to minimise tampering during transit that could prove costly, or even dangerous, to your business and reputation.

8. High-quality packaging can send an important message to your clients or customers: that you are unwilling to compromise when it comes to the standard of service or quality of products that you provide.

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